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link order managementWhy you should use Link order management?
Link Order Management solution can automate current manual processes. Using this system the data entry made very simple by import & export of data from and to Word, excel, PDF, XML, text, etc. It enables you to receive orders electronically from clients. Customers can view orders/booking details using our web version. In addition, it can enable you to submit modifications and cancellations to orders electronically.


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Top Highlight
By obtaining information earlier in the fulfillment process, you'll gain more control and lower your costs. Using Link Order Management solution you can have the vital order, item and vendor fulfillment information you need before your order is scheduled to ship.

purchase order module
Purchase Order Module
P/O maintains your vendor master file and tracks purchase orders from issue through receipt. P/O prints purchase orders and processes receipts and it is interfaced with the Link Accounting.
Quote Module
Quote Module
Using this module Quotes can be created easily and send directly to customers. You can generate quotes using the standard rates or special rates entered for the client.
Booking module
Booking module
By this module previous bookings can be viewed at one click. The views are customized to provide information on basis of date & time. It provides a search facility manages a trace operation for a record.
Packing Module
Packing Module
Packing module is standardized, pre-populated, verified, and readily accessible. This total portability makes the remote data entry service an ideal solution for multiple locations and vendor.
 Key Features
highlights arrow Link Order Management can track POs received from agents or any other trading partner.
highlights arrow The system automatically records the date the PO is received, expected pickup date, on-hand quantity, expected departure    date and the date the shipment actually leaves the warehouse.
highlights arrow Link order management can effectively prices packing charges based on several factors.
highlights arrow Link Order management provides a powerful cross-reference capability between shipments (invoices) and the physical    packing process.
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