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Freight Forwarding Software
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Benefit for you, If you are a NVOCCs
The Benefits
bullet Link systems give lots of innovative options and conveniences.
bullet Easy management of orders fastly and successfully.
bullet Link systems give top-level automization of all the integral logistics process.
bullet Easy-to-use data entry screens minimize typing with templates, default values, and look-up lists.
bullet Duties, taxes, and fees are calculated and automatically displayed.
bullet You can reach at online format of all entries with one click.
bullet Reduces errors through manual works and through which penalties too.
bullet You can provide a better service to your clients at reasonable cost and huge profit.
bullet Redundant Security to shipment by tracking status at anytime
bullet Link systems offer live status tracking facilities to your clients.
bullet The interface help your client to books their shipments freighting and tracking.
bullet The sophisticated communication facilities connect the network among importers, exporters, forwarders, and custom brokerage.
bullet You can reach at the reports of the events in your business by e-mails, mobile phone and other instant alerts.
bullet Instant updating of orders that prepared in past
bullet Instant e-mail alerts, mobile phone alerts advising when orders are not on the track.
bullet The user can easily integrate with your current operating system without collapse anything.
bullet Automated and strict labeling of content and containers.
bullet Huge database and easy uninterrupted multiple access.
bullet Multiversions package
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