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Name and nomenclature
  Link systems – the name says it all
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Link systems – the name says it allNormally ‘There is nothing in a name ‘, but if it regarding a special logistic software it will be communicate something .You may wonder why a freight forwarding software or logistics software got a name ‘ Link systems’. What the miraculous software is done is simply integration or linking of all aspects, process and solutions of a perfect freight forwarding at one string. Link systems ‘ asserts the relevance of its name in thousand times by its successful functioning of linking even the micro level to macro level process in logistics.
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Links logistics with perfection Effects
link logistics with perfection arrow Link systems perfectly link integral process in logistics
arrow Modules create consecution of logistics processes
arrow Linking enables an easy entry from one process to another
arrow Interlinking possible the fetching of details from anywhere to anywhere
arrow Links customers with functions
arrow Links latest communication facilities with users
arrow Link facilities to customers own mob phone &pc
arrow Link world with Internet
arrow Link all ports and destinations
bullet Link all logistics process
bullet Easy entry from one to one
bullet Communication tools links   users
bullet Linkable modules
bullet Interface for users
bullet User interface for self-  serving
bullet Reduce your workload
Pluggable modules
Pluggable Modules arrow Plug in and plug off modules as per the business requirements.
arrow Addable New facilities and modules
arrow Special software tailors for new facilities
arrow Link any facilities at anytime
arrow Links to independent versions
Interface for integration
Interface Integration arrow Integrating with customers with web interface
arrow Customer can do lot of process independently and automatedly
arrow User can track the status of the shipment they have send
arrow Access account details, financial dues, export/import reports, SEDdeletion, ware house receipts by the interface
arrow Interface to many third party
Best Frieght Forwarding Software
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