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Freight Forwarding Software
Multi versions
   Multi Solutions for your minute logistics needs
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You may crave for an innovation that can provide remote communication and control on business with redundant security. Link systems present its stunning polymorphy as Link CS, Link mobile and Link PPC. Link system’s version that you opt is fully capable to provide the whole services of Link systems in a remarkable manner.
Best Frieght Forwarding Software
Now Your Business challenges can meet multi remedies Now Your Business challenges can meet multi remedies

point-arrow  The versions with a common database works individually as the complete Link system services. Thus you can access the whole link system service through the version you posses devoid of considering where and when you are.

Great purchase convenience as you crave Great purchase convenience as you crave

point-arrow Here we are focused on your convenience so you can posses the versions with the special package offer of three versions, or you can purchase individual versions as per the demands of your business.

  Top Highlights
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Versions equal to LS
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 Work remotely
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Remote control on actions
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Restrict employees'deeds
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Interface for integration
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Automated processing
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Anywhere accessibility
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Easy and secure
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Flexible to tailoring
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Comfortable mobility
highlights arrow Easy to afford
Link Client ServerLink CS in .net technology, fully equal to Link systems meant for logistic management. User Work remotely as in office and can access company database from Internet. Interface for integration with in-house systems .
Link System WebIt is easy to use at fast connection with tight security features and user-friendly web interface. Special access strategy avails information at an instant mode.
Easily flexible to software tailoring.
Link System PPCPocket PC version with Link web or CS enhances productivity and provides an extreme mobile PC experience The apt option for getting the news of the events devoid of location concern.
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