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Feel the differenceFeel the difference using Link warehouse
Link Warehouse is a powerful, feature-rich solution for automating the inventory-handling process in your warehouse that scales to accommodate the varied demands of small and mid-size distribution centers to highly complex, high-volume environments.


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Top Highlight
Link Warehouse re-engineers warehouse operations and takes them to a whole new level of efficiency with virtually paperless item tracking, timely order fulfillment, accurate validation of all warehouse activities and extremely accurate inventory control.

Complete Solution
Complete solution
Link Warehouse provides the core functionality for fulfillment center and warehouse management, including order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, labor control and warehouse task management.
Integrated system
Integrated system
Link Warehouse integrates bar-coding technologies, shipping systems and other warehouse automation equipment with your Order Entry, Inventory Control, and Purchase Orders modules
Total Control
Total Control
Link Warehouse ensures improved allocation of human resources within the warehouse so orders are picked, packed and shipped, putting nearly 100% picking and shipping accuracy within reach of every warehouse.
 Key Features
highlights arrow Improve operational productivity and reduce costs through process automation, storage optimization, automated task     dispatching and cross docking.
highlights arrow Increase data and shipment accuracy with electronic bar code scanning and real-time validation and tracking.
highlights arrow Link Warehouse automates and optimizes material handling processes to reduce labor costs, improve facility     utilization, increase order accuracy and provide innovative services to customers.
highlights arrow Link Warehouse supports inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics, finished, raw and work in process materials,     manufacturing and distribution environments.
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