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Link Live Tracking
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Track your shipmentLink to Track
Link Live Tracking is a web-based application that gives your customers and trading partners access to a variety of shipment tracking data and related shipping documents from Link systems via the Internet.


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Top Highlight
On request, Link Systems will send delivery details directly to your phone, allowing you to take immediate action. Simply specify your cell number when preparing your shipment.

Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts
Changes in dates can automatically trigger emails to customers and an agent notifying them of a change in the status of a shipment.
Track Shipments
Track shipments
Link Systems has developed a powerful yet simple tool, using your e-mail systems to track express shipments and bring you the latest shipment delivery information. It can track air waybills and operates on a PC, mobile phone or handheld device.
SMS Facility
SMS facility
This allows mobile phone users to track the progress of single shipments. Simply text us the air waybill number and we'll respond with the status within seconds. You can forward this to colleagues and customers to keep them in the know too.
 Key Features
highlights arrow Up-to-date information at 24/7/365 basis.
highlights arrow Quicker than calling a Customer Service Agent.
highlights arrow Status information can be easily forwarded to colleagues and customers.
highlights arrow Simple and easy to use.
highlights arrow Provides both detailed and summary shipment information.
highlights arrow Send tracking results to a CC mail address. (e.g. shipper and consignee).
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