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We are at your service today and alwaysWe are at your service today and always
These days, logistics customers call for more than the simple physical delivery of goods. More and more customers have been demanding up-to-the-minute information - where the shipments are, what they contain, and when they will arrive. Link Systems can generate on demand customized reports, warehouse inventory, shipment tracking information and verification information while supporting other logistics processing services.


Benefits to the Client
Link Systems customer care will provide affordable, leading quality services customized to your requirements. We have deployed technology tools to ensure increased efficiency with no impact on service level. For any issue or question, we will provide our customers with an informed and cohesive response via any communication venue that they prefer, including voice support, email, web self-service or web chat.
Bullet Customer Inquiry Response.
Bullet Customer Service and Problem   Resolution.
Bullet Post-sales Support.

Our Services
Our services
Bullet We can provide on-line data entry.
Bullet We are equipped to handle small and very large volumes of data.
Bullet Since we are located in India, our overseas customers can make effective   use of the difference in time zones to get service turnarounds the next day.
Bullet We implement process innovations and make continuous improvements to our   processes to enhance the quality of our services.
Bullet We provide superior service and on-time delivery to our clients.

In short
In Short...
Link Systems provides offshore freight forwarding support tailored to the unique needs of logistics services. Our outsourcing services grounded in our in-depth understanding of freight forwarding operations and their supporting technologies, helps our clients reduce the costs and improve the quality of selected business processes. With our highly trained and experienced staff, we can be a source of consistent and reliable data entry.

Link Systems employs the latest technology to provide solid functionality with complete redundancy and reliability. Our contact centers utilize a solid technical infrastructure including:
highlights arrow Computer-telephony integration.
highlights arrow Integrated voice, e-mail and Web chat.
highlights arrow Voice-over-IP (VoIP).
highlights arrow State-of-the art Scheduling and Reporting Tools.
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