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Link AES-Automated Export System
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Powering Global TradePowering Global Trade
These days, logistics customers call for more than the simple physical delivery of goods. More and more customers have been demanding up-to-the-minute information - where the shipments are, what they contain, and when they will arrive. Link Systems can generate on demand customized reports, warehouse inventory, shipment tracking information and verification information while supporting other logistics processing services.


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Top Highlight
Link AES reduces the amount of time when filing the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) since you do not need to retype any information you already have in your company database.

Decrease Export Stress
Decrease Export Stress
Without changing any of your existing business processes, it fits directly into your existing infrastructure. Correctly and completely filling out a SED, is a crucial step in confirming your freight is routed and transported quickly and efficiently.
Reduce Paper Work
Reduces paperwork
It significantly streamlines the export reporting process by reducing the paperwork burden on the trade community, reducing costly document handling and storage, and ensuring that export information is filed in a timely manner.
About AES
About AES
The Automated Export System (AES) is the electronic way to file the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) and the Ocean Manifest information directly to U.S. Customs.
 Key Features
highlights arrow You can fix any errors before sending the data to the AES.
highlights arrow Link AES includes all the schedule B, K, D export, IATA, SCAC and license type codes with search engines to find the    correct codes required by the U.S. Customs.
highlights arrow It improves the quality of the export trade statistics, helping the Census Bureau provide the Government and the public more   accurate information.
highlights arrow When you are ready to file the SED, the Link AES runs a validation procedure on the data you are sending and shows you   the fields that didn't pass the validation with the appropriate error messages.
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