Freight Forwarding and Shipment Tracking Software
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Freight Forwarding Software
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    Link Systems, the latest option for a perfect Freight Forwarding
Inspired by decades of experience and appreciation in freight forwarding, Notetech, the veterans among logistics software solution providers, offers Link Systems-the miraculous innovation for execute an easy freight forwarding. Link Systems' process specified modules satisfying even the precise needs of logistics and give new meaning to freight warehousing, communication, live tracking, business assessment, and event alerts.
Best Frieght Forwarding Software
Multiversions for your freight forwarding needs Multiversions for your logistics minute needs

Link system versions link CS, link PPC, and link web individually provides all the freight forwarding facilities as the whole link system give, irrespective of your place, status and time.

Freight forwarding software Modules Modulate logistics with Link Systems modules

The modules, Link warehouse, Link cargo, Link Accounting, such a dozen of service modules provide what you aspire for a perfect freight forwarding.

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