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Event Alerts
   Link mobile alerts… executing your aspiration for security
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Event based instant alarms from Link systems is a fabulous offering to logistics world. The new alarm experience really miraculous though bundles of alternatives available in market. Link system leaves its signature of uniqueness on the instant mobile alarms by exploring the most advanced technology for executing the great idea .The exclusive event based alarms make you cautious by giving alerts to the exceptions and unscheduled events in your business premises.
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Security Cracking all prejudices …Sweep out your business insecurity eternally

point-arrow  Automated monitoring of all events in business process chain.
point-arrow  Timely Alarms to all exceptions in the business habitual flow.
point-arrow  User can choose alerting medium from email, mobile etc.

Extreme technology for your entire Extreme technology for your entire security

point-arrow  Link Systems’ comprehensive alert engine and event monitor sending instant alerts on hundreds of user at one time.
point-arrow  Its intuitive user interface allows you to create and configure alerts instantly.
point-arrow  Combinations of alerts can be used to manage more complex /multiple events.

  Top Highlights
Mobile accessibility
Mobile accessibility
Automated monitoring
Automated monitoring
Hundreds at a time
Hundreds at a time
Configurable to user interface
Configurable to UI
Alerting all Exceptions
Alerting all Exceptions
Live status indication of shipments
Live status indication
Customized multi channels
User choosable alerting medium
Choosable mediium
Multi channel to multi events
Multi channel alerts
Multi channel to multi events Lacking of status concern
Reduntant security just a touch awayStay in touch with schedules by email, news, and messages at your fingertips. User can access alerts while traveling, with a switch on mobile at roaming. , alerts have life of 48 hours after sending from LS.
Live tracking convenienceYou can keep track of your shipments (at any time/anywhere) via the medium u choose. Alerts could be used internally to help risk managers, detect fraud when unusual transaction patterns are detected.
Customized instant mobile alarmsLink Systems alerts functionality is available to partners and customers Your Customers can receive alerts instantly for notifying customers and internal users whenever an important business event occurs.
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