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Freight Forwarding Software
Link Cargo
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Bring down your  operations business costBring down your operational cost using Link Cargo
Link Cargo designed for a multifaceted shipping environment, it manages simple to complex scenarios involving multiple carriers, modes, owners, consignees and hubs. By automating the routing, rating, consolidation, manifesting this system produces accurate, compliant and cost-effective shipments every time. Link Cargo allows you to produce, print and email Airway Bills, Bookings, Certificates of Origin, Delivery Orders, Cargo Manifests and more.


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Top Highlight
You need to enter data only once and watch it flow through all of your other documents and modules, all the way to accounting. All charges that relate to the warehouse are carried forward so there's no danger of forgetting to charge your customers for work performed or expenses incurred. It facilitates fast and reliable addition, deletion, and searching of airports, carriers, agents, customers, vendors, consignees, etc.

Air and ocean import
Air/Ocean Import
This module automates, simplifies, and accelerates the importing process. It provides a consistent method for handling the entire import function within your organization, from pre-Customs to post-Customs.
Air and ocean export
Air/Ocean Export
This module provides the advanced technology needed to respond quickly to the time-sensitive demands of the air & ocean freight forwarding business.
Road Rail Transport
Road/Rail transport
The road module covers all aspects of Domestic and International transport.It is well placed to address the needs of today's operators who want to improve efficiency, automate processes, increase productivity and maintain their competitive edge.
This module provides the tools necessary for management of all entry types, and maximizes opportunities for reduction of duties, costs, and fees for entry processing and documentation.
 Key Features
highlights arrow Its flexible and scalable architecture offers a low cost solution, and is designed to facilitate trading partner collaboration.
highlights arrow Advanced freight booking functions have been designed specifically for air freight operations, and include a short form    booking option which has been optimized for fast telephone bookings.
highlights arrow It includes facilities for handling export and import consolidations, including an import break bulk facility.
highlights arrow This module is supported by a centralized data repository that captures and stores a company's import and export     transactions, affording the user real-time availability to critical trade information, documentation and a solid audit trail.
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