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Freight Forwarding Software
Benefit to Brokers
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benefit for you, if you are a broker
The Benefits
bullet Fully web based application
bullet Special modules for brockership integral processes
bullet Link systems collect, audits and manage import information.
bullet Customs' Automated Broker Interface (ABI), and produces automated import documentation and reports.
bullet Easy-to-use data entry screens minimize typing with templates, default values, and look-up lists.
bullet Duties, taxes, and fees are calculated and automatically displayed.
bullet Simple menu selections allow you to transmit entry information and queries to the ABI computer.
bullet Results return automatically from US Customs in readable formats and update your files appropriately.
bullet A freight forwarding system that enables all parties to have simple, one-window access to all the shipment information
bullet Huge database and easy access
bullet Cost effective solution
bullet Multi versions package
bullet Modern communication devices
bullet Live status tracking
bullet Options to Manage to provide quote for lots of carriers
bullet Options to Compare prices and transit times
bullet Online dispatch service information
bullet Printable facility to freight document online
bullet Online account creation
bullet Online account creation and Login username and pass word security
bullet Automate updating
bullet Affordable pricing /cost
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