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Application Security
   Experience the relief of a full tight application security
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Link system’s architecture always prefer to root level security .The complete loop hole free security from link systems securing your business by assuring the accessibility of application only to the deservees. Continuous automated monitoring system logging all unauthorized access. Its level specified security facilities leaves you stress free forever.
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Cautious technology keeps you secure forever Cautious technology keeps you secure forever

point-arrow  Automatically managing access details, logs/ reports user actions.
point-arrow  Asking application authentication (both admin/application) before all access.
point-arrow  The user must have some valid form of identification before access granted.

Area level security assures right to access Area level security assures right to access

point-arrow  Server security- ensuring security relating to data files on server.
point-arrow  User-authentication security prevents unauthorized access to information.
point-arrow  Session security - ensuring smooth broadcast over the Internet or Intranet.

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Security firewalls
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Data as per job status
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Data by Activity
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Time bound access
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Authoritative doc. owner
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Logs docu activities
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Alerts to fake access
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Idle status to inerts
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Denial on 3 failed entries
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Session wise restrictions
highlights arrow Separate networks
Server SecurityLink web server should be configured to allowed IPs. So the particular IP only be permitted to access that database server and answering to the addresses from within the internal network
User Authentication SecurityAuthentication security governs the barrier for clearing the right to access of the user. Users have to be valid to identification before access is granted. The administrator adjustable security levels make the authentication customizable.
Session SecurityThe basic idea behind session management is the session identifier (ID). The ID is used as identification tokens. And make the application accessible to the user only if the same ID backed by browser along with each request.
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