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What We DoWhat we do
We specialize in custom-made packages tailored to fit in our clients’ specific needs. We view people as a key asset of our client- one that needs to be trained to perfection in order for the client to be efficient and profitable. The essence of our solutions is our experience in developing software packages for different kinds of industries and our strong expertise in different technologies. Its US office is located in Houston, Texas and the offshore development facility in Cochin, India.

Our MissionOur Mission
Our benchmark standards within and outside the industry, across a spectrum of domains and establish the highest set of development goals. This leads us to create a unique path of upgrading skill levels focused entirely on container transportation. The highly skilled talent pool, economies of operation and our deep domain knowledge provides a unique cost effective solution to our clients. From financial management to documentation, data management, operational or other off-shore processing, Notetech Software is able to partner the visionary client in delivering a service with                                            guarantees.

Our TeamOur Team
We streamline the flow of information around a comprehensive, centralized database and a user friendly interface to minimize effort and maximize productivity in a powerful, accurate and reliable software package. Critical information concerning all departments is always available within a few seconds. Areas of responsibility within our organization are divided up in the following three groups:
Bullet  Installations.
Bullet  Systems configuration and training.
Bullet  After implementation support.

Our ExperienceOur Experience
Our consultant teams come equipped with experience at dealing with real and acute problems and tackling them at every stage - from comprehensive analysis to successful implementation. The factors for consideration we use in developing applications are usability, increased productivity and total cost of ownership, performance, scalability or reliability, latency and consistency, maintainability, modifiability, security, usability, availability, portability, functionality variability, conceptual integrity.


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